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Ron Sheetz
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Important Information & Exclusive Invitation - For Just 20 Dentists in the Cincinnati Area – Your Immediate Response Needed

How to Create Trust in An Untrusting World

This Will Bring You Dental Cases at Much Higher Fees - Without Competition

Does This Sound Too Good to Be True? Discover What Top Dentists Know That You Don’t.


Today, and in the foreseeable future, your success will be tied to the clarity, strength, positioning and potency of the message you communicate to patients. NOT of your services, products or deliverables; NOT to your location, to convenience; NOT to price or “Cheap” price; NOT of the patient’s needs or desires – NOT to any long-held, traditional marketing factors. Being “good” dentist, even “great” dentist is no longer enough. The right patients (the profitable ones) will be attracted to you (and pay more) for who you are rather than what you do.

You’re forfeiting at least $100,000 worth of production and you don’t even know it. This $100k already exists in your practice, all that you need are the tools to access it. (This is not about building a new website or spending more money on advertising and marketing. This isn’t about making you a better dentist, this is about making you a more profitable dentist)

Through tried and tested techniques that I can teach you, you may just have an extra $100,000+ in dental production parked on your website, waiting to be used. I’m not here to teach you how to be a better dentist, but to show you how to be a more profitable dentist. The great thing is that this process is so simple and almost always overlooked by the competition. The real question is, are you “smarter than a bird?” If so, you won’t think twice about flying through the “open door to freedom” that will take your practice to the next level.

You may not know me, but you should. I have a unique set of skills. Forensic skills that will flush out at least an extra $100,000 in dental production in the first 3 months, if you accept the fundamental marketing principles that I’ll reveal in this training workshop.

I will show you how to unlock at least an extra $100k in dental production this year alone, without having to spend any more money on a new website or advertising; not one dime more on SEO or pay-per-click advertising. Trust me, this is so simple that everyone’s overlooked it, including yourself and all the business gurus who’ve advised you.

I can show you what it is and how to use it to make you more money, without any extra effort. It requires just the right turn of the screw, and I know exactly which screw it is. But this workshop will not cost you $50k to attend. It won’t even cost you what it costs to acquire a new patient.

I will show you exactly what you have now and how to use (how to ‘plus’) it. I will lay out the complete implementation plan for you. You will leave the workshop with a complete blueprint. You can do it yourself, pass it off to your marketing director or hire someone you trust to get it done for you. The implementation strategy I lay out for you will include no less than 3 independent, rock-solid strategies for producing production (and money) for you.

How to Create Trust in An Untrusting World This Will Bring You Dental Cases at Much Higher Fees - Without Competition

Does This Sound Too Good to Be True? Discover What Top Dentists Know That You Don’t. In her ground-breaking book How the World Sees You, Sally Hogshead wrote, “there is only a .01% that differentiates you from others.” Let that sink in for a moment. While you do, let me ask, what is the most difficult thing you do in your practice? If you said ATTRACTing NEW PATIENTS, you’d be right!

You may have noticed the efficiency of your marketing and advertising has been steadily declining; therefore, making it even more expensive for you to get new patients. And that’s not including the increased competition for those patients, from other local dentists, franchise & corporate dentistry (DSO’s) and, more recently, tele-dentistry. No doubt you’re now seeing television commercials for Smile Direct Club and their in-home do-it-yourself clear aligners. To add to that, Walmart is now opening dental offices in stores across America (if it hasn’t already hit your town). Who has a bigger visibility in town (locally) than a Walmart? How do you compete? Be different – be better!

Despite all the dental practices in town, I’m sure you know what your competitive advantage is. The question is, are you communicating it properly? Irish play write George Bernard Shaw said, “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You may think you’re sending the right message to differentiate yourself amongst the rest, but chances are your message is like every other dental practice nearby…

When left with nothing more than cheap fees to decide on which dentist a patient should choose, it becomes a race to the bottom’ for dentists. Is this the race you want to be in?

Success is personal and individual

Patients don’t choose dentistry from a dental practice; they choose people. Ms. Hogshead may have discovered that only.01% makes you different, but there’s power in that .01% if you leverage it the right way. The only defensible territory and the only sustainable differentiation in the marketplace is…YOU!

When looking for a dentist, every patient asks themselves why they should choose you versus any other dentist in town. If you’re not communicating the answer to “Why you?” in simple terms, they will always choose the cheaper, more convenient practice. It may be a horrible way to pick a dentist, but it’s reality. I’ve interviewed hundreds of dentists and when I ask what makes them different than the rest, they’re quick to rattle off their resume, years in practice, state-of-the-art technology, and the old saying that ‘we treat every patient like family.’ So many settles for pablum. The truth is, you have more, but you’re not using it. I wrote an entire book for independent dentists on the subject, Your Patient Attraction Secret Weapon – How to Have a Referral-Driven Dental Practice and Never Advertise Again. My clients have gotten good at this.

Today, and in the foreseeable future, your success will be tied to the clarity, strength, positioning and potency of the message you communicate to patients. It will NOT be tied to your:

• Services

• Products

• Deliverables

• Location

• Convenience

• Price

• Marketing

• You get the idea…

Being “good” or even “great” is no longer enough. Patients, the right patients, will be attracted to you for who you are than what you do (and they’re willing to pay a pretty penny for it!).

Here is one marketing success secret: You have a “No One Else Can” or “No One Else Is” advantage over any and every other dentist in town. It will be the single biggest thing to differentiate you in the minds (and hearts) of patients. Every other dentist in town has it too, but they’re not leveraging it. The dentist who recognizes and capitalizes on it first wins. (‘Winning’ means getting more patients at a lower acquisition cost, at higher fees and less formal ‘selling’ required to put them in treatment).

I am going to hold an in-depth Training Workshop for a maximum of 20 dentists in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that will focus on LEVERAGING YOUR PERSONAL DIFFERENTIATION FOR HIGHER VALUE PATIENTS WITHOUT COMPETITION.

In full disclosure, I’m not a dentist (and I don’t play one on television), though I have hundreds of dentists (like you) across America using my strategies, not to mention all the top dental advisors and coaches who consult me on the subject.

This will be a 3-hour training, including workshop-ing with participants. You will leave with tangible tools and roadmap to implement immediately; therefore, I’m limiting it to 20 docs. There is a small seat registration fee of $97, which is fully refundable upon completion of the training. I’m charging the fee because I want only docs in the room who are truly interested in improving their practice, attracting and closing cases with better, higher value patients. I have more than 30-years of experience in this business, and what I will be teaching is advanced, so only committed docs please.

The training will on Wednesday, October 2nd at the Hilton Garden Inn 5300 Cornell Rd., Blue Ash, Ohio 45242. Time is short and your immediate decision is needed. I’m offering this training for three reasons:

  1. I’m busy with private clients. My work has been so profound for dentists, it needs to get in the hands of more independent dentists.

  2. I’m recording the training on video so I can post it online and reach thousands of other dentists like you.

  3. I want real dentists in the room, from the area, to get what I will share.

For the right dentist, this 3-hour investment of time will be a bargain. I expect to fill all 20 seats, the question is will you occupy one of them for the live training? Or will you wait to see the video and risk a competitor getting his or her hands on this information (and implementing it) before you (possibly to use against you).

Why be one of the first 20 in attendance?

• If you’re entrepreneurial, always on the hunt for what marketing works to attract high-value, patients. • If you get “get it” that patient decide on a dentist more for who they are than what they do. (They stay longer, consume more treatment, spend more, refer more – and better patients to work with – you need fewer of these patients than other practices will get from lower-value patients)

• If you invest time, money and energy in marketing and advertising (and you’re seeing a decline in its efficacy).

• If you are at or feel it’s time to reinvent (differentiate) who you are and repositioning, you and your practice in your local market

• If you are fascinated with personality rather than brand marketing.

There is tremendous wealth attraction being connected with THE dentist. Think Dr. Oz. You don’t have to be a celebrity to attain this kind of patient magnetism. Most dentists can easily add an additional $100k to $200k to their bottom line; dramatically strengthening their protection from the competition and the commoditization by applying my sophisticated style of marketing… All without increasing how much you spend on advertising, or the number of patients moving through your practice.

For the record, this is NOT “more of the same” ideas you’ve heard regurgitated by marketing pundits or “read in dental magazines”. It’s what I’ve been doing and teaching to independent dentist for the past 10-years, and it will enhance and strengthen all your current marketing and advertising. Everything I will teach you is from my own personal work in dentistry, with dentists just like you.

Today, you operate against the commoditizing forces of the industry who are more pervasive than ever before. They can out-advertise you every day of the week and twice on Sunday. They have deeper pockets and can afford to go negative in acquiring new patients (you cannot). They are a force to be reckoned with.

How you’re perceived by patients as being ‘different’ and THE ‘better’ choice over all the other dentists is critically important to your survival, profitability, comfort and ultimately even your early retirement from dentistry. It is the .01% that will easily add an extra $100k in your practice. If you see the value, understand it, and if you agree, please join me for this 3-hour training that you don’t want to miss.

You must register here to reserve your seats at the seminar training. The seat registration per office is only $97 registration (which will be refunded at the end of the training). The seat registration must be received in advance to secure your spot. Nothing will be sold at this training. I will speak about resources that I make available to dentists, though you are under no obligation to purchase any of them. I will be presenting them because the training will be video recorded to make it available to other dentists at a distance. If, for some reason, you decide to invest in one or more of the resources, that will be entirely your decision. Your attendance to this training is not tied to the purchase of any products or services that may be discussed.

The great American writer Mark Twain said, “Start by starting.” Often the hardest part of getting started is in making the decision to start. This past summer I witnessed something that made me think about business success and the simple things that stand in the way of achieving it.

A neighbor across the street from us has a screened in pool. One day, while they were out swimming, a bird flew in through the open door. The bird quickly learned the screen walls were mere illusions that looked as if they did not exist. The bird searched for an exit, not remembering nor recognizing the door through which it entered, as it swayed wide open. It could see the clouds and sky through the mesh ceiling, but no matter how hard it tried to get out, it couldn’t find the open door to freedom. The same door through which it had flown in. The door was propped open, yet the bird couldn't find its way back through it.

Consider this workshop your open door to freedom (freedom created by new patients and more money without competition). You only need to pass through the door. Right now, the ‘door’ is registering to be with me at the workshop. Will you fly through the open door?



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