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Struggling to capture powerful patient testimonials.

There are 4 reasons I’ve found many practices have trouble getting really good testimonials from their patients:

  1. The staff doesn’t have time to ask patients for them, let alone the time required to record or document them
  2. The staff feels uncomfortable asking patients for them
  3. You don’t have a system for capturing them
  4. You’re getting testimonials, but they all sound the same (too vanilla in content)

The first 2 require the 3rd to really overcome. The challenge is in creating your own system or finding a proven one and then learning and implementing it (Still takes time). The fastest path to getting really powerful patient testimoni- als is finding the right system and the right person to do it for you.

Over the years I’ve worked with dental practices I’ve discovered the challenges you face and have created a Testimo- nial Machine that I now use to recruit patients for my $30,000 film documentary program and am now offering the patient testimonial recruiting and recording system part of my Documentary program at a fraction of the investment.

Here’s what’s involved in the program for members:

You identify and provide up to 20 patients a month to me and I and my team will capture up to 50% of those you provide us in a detailed and extensive testimonial phone interview (web video if the patient has Skype capability).

That’s it, you provide names and full contact info on those 20 patients and we’ll get them recorded and then provide the testimonials to you in:

The Ultimate Patient Testimonial Machine is a membership based program with a minimum 3-month commitment.

$697 Monthly Membership
Minimum 3 Months
Cancel Anytime After the First 3 Months

What good would I be if I didn't have some testimonials for you to see and hear?


See and hear the caliber of patient testimonials my system generates from your patients.


Dr. Jeff Anzalone speaks about work I did with him for his practice.

Dr. Anzalone asked me to contribute to his most recent book on dental practice marketing.


Hear practice marketing expert Jerry Jones speak about how my testimonial systems and results impact a dental practice.

What Dan Kennedy says about Ron Sheetz


Who is Ron Sheetz?

Ron Sheetz

Ron Sheetz is a serial entrepreneur. Starting at the age of 13 selling tickets to his neighborhood magic show, Ron caught the eye of a local business man who took him under his wing as a protégé. By the age of 19 Ron was the top sales person for an independent video production company and single handedly managing projects for Eveready Battery (Energizer), Harley Davidson, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Glidden Paints, The Massachusetts State Police and many other fortune 1000 compa- nies.

In 2006 Ron was hired by a client to head up their marketing and media operations and during his tenure the company was listed in both Entrepreneur Magazine and INC Magazine as one of the country’s fastest growing companies (A Top 100 in Entrepreneur Magazine and listed #81 as an Inc 500). Ron has created video marketing programs within 32 different in- dustries, including auto repair, dental and cosmetic dentistry, law enforcement, home improvement, paint, manufacturing, retail and much more; from the mundane to the unusual.

Today Ron focuses much of his attention on helping small and mid-sized companies grow through strategic and systemized methods of trust and relationship-based marketing. His private clients include Dan Kennedy (New York Times bestselling author and the highest paid direct response copywriter in the country), Jerry Jones (top marketing consultant to dentists), Donna Krech (fitness and wellness marketing expert), Brittany Lynch (the country’s lead- ing online traffic expert), Greg Davis (online super affiliate marketer of the top health and beauty products), Matt Zagula (top consultant to financial advisors earning 7-figures and above) and many more.

98% of Ron’s business comes from repeat and/or referral work. Because of a prestigious ensemble of clients he rarely prospects or hunts for opportunities. Ron has appeared with many top celebrities including Dr. Robert Cialdini (author of the book Influence), Ted Nicholas (founder of the Company Corpo- ration), Sydney Biddle Barrows (The Mayflower Madame), Penn and Teller (Las Vegas magicians), Cal Ripken Jr. (baseball legend), Kathy Ireland (Sports Illustrated supermodel & entrepreneur), Adam West (original TV Batman), and John Rich (country western musician & Trump Celebrity Apprentice winner) to name a few.

Recently Ron was invited to contribute a chapter in The Ultimate Success Secret book, coauthored by Dan Kennedy and Dan Cricks as well as being a contributing author of articles to more than 13 newsletters and magazines. Ron has just begun work on a book he and Jerry Jones will coauthor for dental practices on trust & relationship marketing.

He is very active in his local marketing group and a member of one of the leading small business mastermind groups in the coun- try. In addition to his seasoned career as a marketer and video marketing guru he also is a professional magician and comedy stage hypnotist, having performed over 3000 live shows across the US and carries 2 certifications in hypnotherapy. Ron spends his time between his two homes in suburban Cleveland, Ohio and Orlando, Florida with his wife Anne and 2 children, Brandon and Olivia.

Dr. Chris Griffin

Dr. Chris Griffin


Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy


Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield - Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul


Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen - Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul


Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini - Author of Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion


James McAnally

James McAnally


A message about Ron Sheetz from Dan Kennedy:

"Social, peer and expert-authority proof; patient testimonials, stories – preferably emotional stories, patient human interest stories are all critically important elements for practice marketing. What is grossly under-estimated is how much skill is required to obtain really good testimonials, to plan for strategically purposed testimonials, and specific to video, getting non-professionals to come across on camera as honest and authentic. I have worked for many days myself, in studios, and on locations, controlling filming of testimonials and people’s stories for TV infomercials, sales videos/DVD’s, and online video, and I have worked with top infomercial industry and Hollywood pros who specialize in filming such testimonials. Any monkey with an iPhone can shoot video these days, and that tempts. But the video is barely the half of it. Knowing who to shoot, what to shoot, and how to shoot, interacting with real patients not professional talent is not something just anybody can do. Ron Sheetz has made himself an absolute authority on patient testimonials and on the making and use of video of them. His understanding of how most testimonials fail to influence – what he calls ‘survey testimonials’ – is on target. His explanation of the way dentists misunderstand what new patients are looking for, which must then sabotage their ability to get and use testimonials, is extremely perceptive. I have worked in marketing for health care professionals, practices and institutions for more than 30 years and I know for a fact he has his finger on something vitally important with this. It’s a "secret" revealed on page 19 of his book on the subject. I can attest to Ron’s technical competence; I use him myself and for clients for various video projects. He has encapsulated what is required to get persuasive patient testimonials for use in any medium. Most doctors bluntly have no idea and therefore no good plan; they take what comes at random, and use what they get randomly. Ron’s work drawn from his own experience working with dentists changes all that."

Dan S. Kennedy, strategic marketing advisor and direct-response consultant and copywriter. Author, 23 business books, including No B.S. guide to Trust-Based Marketing and No B.S. Guide to Brand-Building by Direct-Response.

$697 Monthly Membership
Minimum 3 Months
Cancel Anytime After the First 3 Months